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About Matthew Ismail

About Matthew Ismail

Matthew Ismail is nothing if not curious. He has four Masters Degrees - ranging from Modern European Intellectual History to Islamic History--and published the first edition of Wallis Budge: Magic and Mummies in London and Cairo, in 2011 after research in the archives of the British Museum, British Library, and Oxford University. 


Matthew worked at universities in Dubai and Cairo from 1999-2011, which allowed him to get to know long-lost Syrian cousins and to travel throughout Europe, Africa, and Asia. His children were born in Abu Dhabi and Dubai and they grew up mostly in Cairo.

Like many people who know exactly what they want from life at age twenty, Matthew discovered after a couple of further decades of experience that he knew absolutely nothing about what makes life worth living. He dove into meditation to learn to relax and discovered--in addition to seriously mellowing out--the spiritual teachings that have transformed his life and which he now loves to share with others through Dost Meditation.



Taking advantage of being housebound during the pandemic, Matthew has also completed a 200 hour yoga teacher training.

Matthew recently left his job, sold his house, gave his car to his son, and moved to Mexico. Oddly enough, a backpack seems to hold enough stuff to have a nice life.

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