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"George Eliot would have felt at home reading this fascinating tour de force...Ismail’s book should one day be a classic."

Geoffrey Clarfield, Academic Questions

Wallis Budge: Magic
and Mummies in London and Cairo

(Revised Edition)

Matthew Ismail

Author and Meditation and Yoga Teacher
at Dost Meditation

With a new Afterward, "Wallis Budge and the Petrie Claque," a critical examination of the scapegoating of Wallis Budge and cult of personality around the rightwing ideologue Flinders Petrie in the history of Egyptology, 


An Excellent New Article on Budge and My Book. Highly Recommended!

"From Bastard to Knight of the Realm: The Spectacular Success Story of Sir Ernest Wallis Budge," by Geoffrey Clarfield in Academic Questions (Summer 2222).

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